Isaac Newton Lesson for Kids: Biography & Facts

Isaac Newton Lesson for Kids: Biography & Facts

Isaac Newton Lesson for Kids: Biography & Facts

Imagine being smart that Albert Einstein calls one of the smartest men who ever lived. Would not that be amazing! That actually is what Einstein said about Sir Isaac Newton. Keep reading to discover more about among the smartest people!

Isaac Newton the Man

But that nearly did not happen. Produced in England in 1643, his mom wanted him to become a farmer and also took him from college to be certain that happened. However, he was not very good at farming and was soon permitted to return to school. He turned into a scientific pioneer and even made new regions of research in science and mathematics. Individuals who knew him agreed he was a genius but he was also rather hard to utilize. Do you know anybody like this?


Newton was a mathematics and science professor at Cambridge University in England. His discoveries are matters that you have likely heard or used about already.


Gravity is a force which attracts one thing toward another. A significant object like a planet is going to have a great deal of gravity. Newton recognized that gravity describes why stars and planets move how they do and why things fall back on earth. He wondered why it dropped straight down rather than in a different direction. He recognized that a force has to be causing it to return. Since Newton sought to establish his thoughts, he developed a new type of mathematics that’s studied in schools around the world, calculus. You will likely examine it a day, too!

Reflecting Telescope

Have you ever looked up in the night sky through a telescope? In case you have, then you have likely used one of Newton’s creations. He made a reflecting telescope that used mirrors to reflect light (such as the light from planets and stars ) to make them larger throughout the telescope. Virtually all telescopes now still utilize this technology, even the Hubble Space Telescope orbiting Earth at the moment!



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